Of Roads and Rivers

When I first heard that we were singing with Steve Dobrogosz, I remember Google-ing him once I got home. When I found his music and heard, I felt really happy. That is what his music did to me when I first heard it. However, as I delve further into his music when we began to rehearse it, I got more and more out of it.

His music may seem jazz-like and pop-inspired at first sight (or at first hearing). But the more I sang his music, the more beautiful it became. Just because something sounds light does not mean it was lightly written. Every part has a purpose and when I’m singing his music, I almost feel like I’m transported to an American gospel choir, all spiritual and full of love to express.

Every time I pick up the scores from Dobrogosz, I notice how the instrumentation of most of his pieces (and I do mean MOST of his pieces) are always brings out more what the choir is singing about. Everything from piano to strings to percussion, it adds to the dynamic nature of the music and lets . I always feel like moving and energized even more once I hear the pieces in their entirety.

His take on texts we as singers heard (and sung) before always bring a new light to the familiar words, and even bring attention to things I never noticed. I cannot wait to meet the man behind the name we see on the scores we rehearse every Wednesday and Saturday. It will be absolutely wonderful performing with the piano man himself, singing of larks, of rivers and of roads.


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