Thank You

A note from Corrado Margutti that warmed the cockles of our hearts.
Thank YOU, Corrado, for your music and friendship.

Dear friends of the SYC Ensemble Singers,

I like to write you these few lines only to tell you grazie, thank you. Now it’s 2am and I’m going to go to sleep and when you listen to these words (I know that you are going to do a rehearsal at 2pm) probably I’ll wake up because in Italy it will be the Aurora, 7am! It was a wonderful week spent in doing music with you. I’d like to be there with you now. I feel like telling you that the time spent with you in conducting Italian music of mine and not only was for me a so delicious time. A nice, good, expressive, intense and amusing choir has been the soundtrack of my week in Singapore. I’ve known you and your wonderful conductor (who has prepared a very nice atelier choir too!). And I have found the perfect organization by your president Albert and a great welcome by you and all the executive committee.

To conduct you is an honour, I’m thinking about you now while you are doing the rehearsal, and when I was conducting you I was thinking that if a composer listen to you, he would like to write music for you… So I can’t wait for your coming in Torino. Have a nice rehearsal and be sure that in Italy there is someone thinking of you.


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