TWO Decades in the SYC

2012 marks my 20th years singing with the SYC ES.
If my memory is correct, my 1st rehearsal was 7 Mar 1992.

In this (long) 20 years, I have sung in almost every performances (except for the time when I was posted to Brazil for 3.5 months) and joined in every Choir tour.

Many people have asked “why you are still singing with the Choir??”
It’s a question that till this date, I still do not have an answer or there are too many answers…
The journey of making good music is not always fun. There’s also the agony, frustration and confusion along the way.
So what keeps me going?
the love of singing?
the sense of pride, accomplishment and achievement when the audiences show appreciation?
the opportunities to work and sing with various Conductors, Composers and Musicians both locally and overseas?
the joy of sending “hope, joy and love” with our voices?
the eye-opening, great culture experiences, sharing and exchanges on each tour?
the choir-mates whom I have developed great friendship with?
Or maybe it was just FATED?

No matter what the answer is, I am still here in this Choir and perhaps THE ONE that I would end my Choir life.

I have learned and gained a lot for the uncountable thousands of hours I have spent in the past 20 years.

I cherish and is grateful to all around me whom have been helping and giving me reasons to stay on with this Choir till this date.

Like most people, I may not remember every single rehearsals, performances, tours and people whom I have met.
But I will never forget that I was part of this remarkable Choir and perhaps in some small little ways, I have contributed (I hope!) in making some history with it.

~ Peiling ~


How many SYC uniforms do you own?

My 1st SYC Uniform

The Girls’ no. 1 uniform that was inspired by the “sarung kebaya” was introduced in 1996

The no. 2 uniform from 1996 to 2003

The no. 2 uniform since 2004

The “Matrix” uniform that everyone loves

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