Europa Cantat Torino – 28 July 2012

Hung from the ceilings of the arcades that lined the Piazza, the Europa Cantat Torino banners defined choral terms and displayed scores.

Like most choirs who love to sing, we couldn’t help but stop before every readable score to sing.

Within a 10-metre stretch, we must have sung at least 4 different scores – an English canon, an African spiritual, a Gregorian chant and even a Renaissance motet. It was like a singing galleria.

In no time, we had passers-by, shopkeepers tagging along our little parade, listening to the music.

SYC Ensemble Singers – we’re ready to sing anything, anywhere. (NO, this is not our new tagline, but it kinda sounds cool.)

– Debbie
28 July 2012.

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