Have you sung with 300 people?

well not like during morning assembly where you start to wake up for real by tunefully mumbling lines of the national anthem with say a thousand of your fellow sch mates (sch is great btw)

also not quite like when you decide to follow the patriotism of your heart and go for a national day parade and the whole floating platform (downgrade for recession eh) follow the choir along their tunes (NDP is great btw)

nor is it like when u go down to Singapore Indoor Stadium to watch SNSD perform and you scream your lungs out of your mouth together with 3000 delirious SONEs (SNSD is DAEBAK/GREAT/AWESOME btw)

no, what I’m talking about is when 300 people join together to make song, music, harmony, where each individual in this huge mass of people termed a “choir” has a specific purpose, a specific role, a specific contribution to make to the success of the single entity called the “choir”. Where everyone has a unique voice, unique history, unique country. Like the combinations of all the colours in the spectrum coming together to form this clear beam of light that illuminates the world with music and explodes in all shades of hues and luminosity upon reaching the listener’s ears. Like the transmission of this iridescence explosion from many to one, so marvelous and miraculous some call it magic.

Imagine the moment when you realize the music is so much bigger than you, that the relationships made with those who sing with you are as sacred, as pure as the words and harmonies that have been forged and refined in the kiln of tears and sweat.
Then you realize, you have sung with 300 people, and 300 people have sung with you.

So, have you sung with 300 people?

I have, and I testify, after the song has ended, one emerges a changed, new being.

-benlee tan

1 thought on “Have you sung with 300 people?

  1. Somehow…strangely….Sparta comes to mind while reading this.
    No. The combined effect must have been more powerful than the 300 hunky Spartans who fought with their blood…
    300.But multiplied…

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