hello for the first time

My virgin post here, and my thoughts on SYC so far! 🙂

It has been one year since I joined SYC though it felt like a short period of time that has passed so quickly. It feels rather surreal to have been part of SYC’s 2 major concerts, Due North, and Black & White for the amazing experience that I have taken away thus far. In the beginning it was not really a clear answer as to why I wanted to continue my choral journey after my years in secondary school and JC other than the joy of singing, and there seemed to be some other reason I wanted to join SYC that I could not really put my finger to it initially. After having performed and sung with them this time, it may sound rather cliché but I did end up figuring the true reason why I really wanted to do this, in a way that I can finally put it to words. It was the emotions and feelings that arise when performing and singing the songs each time, not just that from myself but more importantly feeling the passion and emotions of the person next to me. To me it was a blessing to be able to sing on the same stage with the people around me, i.e. the same talented people producing such beautiful sounds and chords that feel like they’re going to burst out of the basement studio/recital studio/room anytime, and create music, delivering interpretations of different pieces of music. The intense set of repertoire also felt as though we were telling a story from a book, each concert one book, each song one chapter, songs that excite or tickle the senses of the audience.  Feels kind of exciting to do that haha!

For me it was a really liberating and comforting feeling, especially with the stresses of daily life, to indulge in the energy and the passion surrounding you, (and feeding on each other’s energy) and that is the kind of happiness I got to experience, the feeling that I really enjoyed in singing in a choir!

I look forward to more of such experiences to come in this SYC journey, and also working harder and improving myself musically. But more importantly I’m just really thankful for the earcandy and for being able to make music with such a passionate group of individuals, so for all the SYC peeps, thanks! 😀 for the incredible experience and all the effort that you guys have put in. 🙂

– Jia Rong

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