5 (not so odd) months

Some 5 odd months ago, I stumbled on a peculiar video on youtube that featured a group that just walked out of The Matrix, producing a myriad of sounds, dissonances, whispers, chants, and seamless music. I was amazed, and did the unimaginable.

Some 5 odd months later, I am racking my brains, trying to think of something to adequately describe how the past 5 months in SYC has been. How surreal it is, from being an online spectator, a virtual audience, to actually singing with choristers who seem so much more larger than life on stage, but are people who only possess a simple, yet epic joy, for singing.

It has been a ride with SYC, from the initial audition where I harboured no hope or expectation of result after the overwhelming experience; but was shocked, and exhilarated after my news of acceptance into the choir. Albeit it being such a short time since I’ve joined the choir, I’m thankful for being a part of We are Singapore, and it is really only by constant concern and advice from fellow choristers that I am able to learn such a rigorous repertoire and be on stage with the choir.

SYC has inevitably allowed me to  grow as a musician, and in my ensembleship. I am thankful for all my fellow choristers, and despite differences in age, profession, nationality, we all somehow converge into one voice, one spirit, all for a greater purpose to spread our joy for singing to the our audiences.

Ultimately I look forward to the process of turning ink on paper into beautiful oscillations of pressure, into wrinkles in the air, into music that speaks so wonderfully to the heart and soul. Albeit the exhausting rehearsals, I am thankful for every moment I get to spend with the choir in music-making, for every bad practice, for every good practice, and for every sound that not only comes from vocal cords, but also, from the heart.

Now, watching the very first video that introduced me to SYC brings back a rush of joy, reverence, awe, and satisfaction.



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