Can you sing this note for me please?

In a note

You can approach a note in many ways.

Sometimes you are a stranger, you start with a tentative knocking on the door and then slowly enter with much politeness.

Sometimes you enter into a space with multiple doors, you do not know which is the right one. You think you are in twilight zone.

Sometimes the door is located in a weird position. You think it is too low too high too wide too narrow too something. You frown.

On a bad day, the door may be locked.  You try to pick the lock, with some help from your friends. After multiple tries, you hatcheted the door like in a B-grade horror movie.

Sometimes you lingered too long in a space and open the door late, much to the irritation of people behind.

Sometimes you open the door and you see heaven.

Sometimes hell.

But never two the same.

So every Saturday we enter doors after doors, 30 odd people enter and exit , enter and exit, criss-crossing each other’s path. Sometimes we hold hands and enter safely, sometimes we are alone and afraid, sometimes we hold the door for each other.  For we know we are blind without each other. We need each other to draw the map with sounds.


Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching of “inter-being” states that there is no separate object, event, or experience that can exist apart from all others. Everything is made up of other things. The elements that make up the world are patterns of dependency and interweaving. In other words, they are relationships. What we are seeing and experiencing are basically only relationships.

Understanding this, one would understand why section leaders are so particular about attendance and discipline. And a thousand other things that holds the structure together. These are the nuts and bolts that make a concert, a practice, a piece of music, a phrase, a note, a sound, possible.

To think that one is part of this creating process fills one with awe and gratitude.


I was in SYC 10 years ago. Left and now I am back again. The members have changed. The music has changed. The name has changed. I have changed. So what is SYC? It is no-thing and everything.

It is the intersection of our lives for that few hours a week, it is an exploration of our inner space, it is a discovery of new ways of relating with others, it is an experiment with sounds.

It is a journey between one door to another, from the beginning of a note to the end.

– Ming Boon

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