A message from Jonathan Velasco

Thank you, Sir JoJo, for this lovely message. It has been an honour and a treat to have you here with us, and we can’t wait to see you again!

Dear SYCES and Jennifer,

It has been 24 hours since our concert last night. I didn’t even have time for sepanx (separation anxiety) because everything was a whirlwind after the concert ended. By the time I was able to catch my breath, I already found myself here in my next hotel in Manila. It feels so weird to be booked in a hotel in your home city hahaha!

And so it is only now that I am able to express my thanks to you all, for the wonderful music making that we all did. I leave you for now, with a smile on my face, full of artistic satisfaction in the instrument that is the SYCES. I hope you are happy with what we did, as I am.

Ate Jen, thank you for inviting me to conduct your baby. You have honed it into a fantastic group of like-minded individuals with a passion for excellence. Thank you for your hospitality and kindness. In you and Albert, shine the best example of true Singaporean hospitality. I am so glad to be counted among your friends.

And so, onward towards the Christmas season! Remember our songs, and its messages of hope, of meaning, of celebration. Luwalhati sa Diyos sa kaitaasan, at sa lupa’y kapayapaan sa mga taong kinalulugdan Nya!

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