HEY there again, SMUCC!

It’s time once more for SMU Chamber Choir’s annual concert, Wrinkles in the Air! This is the 4th Wrinkles concert that SYC has been invited to as guest performers, and I am so looking forward to performing with the cheerful members of the choir again: To meet new friends, catch up with old ones, and make beautiful music. Only a couple of Wrinkles ago, I had eagerly awaited (in much the same way) for the very first combined rehearsal – except back then, I was still an active member of SMU Chamber Choir. Many things raced through my mind: “Ooooo… I think they’re gonna sound awesomeeeee”, “Ok, focus focus, don’t make a dumb mistake later when you sing beside them”, “match their voice, match their voice match their voice…”. That practice had turned out well, and the Wrinkles in the Air concert for that year was a stunning success. Now, I’m an active member of SYC Ensemble Singers, and the first combined rehearsal with SMU Chamber Choir went great too (though we will still need to do some cleaning up to make the music even more awesomeeeee). I was most delighted to see that my alma mater choir had grown and matured much further in the years since I graduated. I truly hope that Wrinkles in the Air, and all the many wonderful experiences as part of the SMU Chamber Choir, will continue to be an inspiration for them and all future batches of students to continue pursuing their love of music – just as it was the case for me. -Joseph

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