50 Artefacts for 50 Years


1. SYC logos over the years

2. Our beloved conductor, Jennifer Tham

3. Old-school SYC membership card from 1972

4. Days of Wines and Roses/Moon River (Henry Mancini) – from our first and only vinyl recording, 1972

5. Remembering our roots as a combined schools’ choir

6. SYC Lookbook – Our uniforms through the years

7. SYC recruitment ad from the 1990’s

8. SYC concert programme from 1979

9. 40th anniversary commissions (2004)

10. Excerpt from Nona Sensilia (Joyce Koh), premiered in 2001

11. Asian premiere of Bin-nam-ma (Alberto Grau) in 2002

12. SYC recruitment ad from 1972

13. SYC gets sporty in a 2002 photo shoot

14. First exploration of choral music “outside the stave” in 1997 – Miniwanka (R. Murray Schafer)

15. Arts education – “Singing with Fun” (1996)

16. Laszlo Heltay (Hungary/UK), SYC’s first guest conductor in 1983

17. Life’s Little Lessons – the finale of a series of vodcasts that embody the spontaneity, enthusiasm and willingness of SYCers to perform their part in contribution to a whole. 

18. SYC with rapper Sheikh Haikel in Shadow Catcher (Robert Casteels), released in a 2003 album of Casteels’ works

19. Paying tribute to Mr. David Lim

20. Outreach programmes – Lunchtime concert at PSA (1996)

21. Arts education – Workshop at the 2nd Symposium of Choral Music in Bandung, Indonesia (2005)

22. Newspaper article featuring Singapore Youth Choir at the first choral symposium in Singapore (1992)

23. Singapore Medley (arr. Charles Lazaroo), performed by the Singapore Youth Choir in a radio programme recorded and broadcast in Germany in 1994

24. 思念 (Si Nian) or Nostalgia (Leong Yoon Pin), SYC’s first commission written in 1988

25. “Superchoir from the South” article (1980)

26. Radio programme for Sveriges Radio P4 Kristianstad, Sweden (1994)

27. The Little Yellow House, SYC’s former home at 54 Waterloo Street

28. First medal ever won by a Singaporean choir overseas (Singapore Youth Choir at Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod, 1974)

29. SYC collaboration with SAF Music and Dance Company (1981)

30. Feature article about the Singapore Youth Choir’s pre-tour concerts before embarking on a tour to the World Fair in Canada (1986)

31. Five Stars Arising (Lim Su Chong), from our first and only vinyl recording (1972)

32. Recording of reorchestrated Majulah Singapura, Singapore’s national anthem, with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (2000)

33. The SYC with Singapore dignitaries 

34. Received Excellence for Singapore Award from the Singapore Totalisator Board (2000)

35. SYC’s former unofficial anthem, Let there be peace on Earth, arranged by Dick Lee and premiered in 1999

36. Asian Choral Works I, recorded through the wee hours of the night at the old Victoria Concert Hall

37. Excerpt from muoɔɑaəyiyωɔoum (Anders Hillborg) with guest conductor Gary Graden (2005)

38. Concert programme designed by Sarah Lim-Murray (1997)

39. Paraphernalia from competitions and festivals attended by the SYC

40. Artwork from all previous installments of the THREE festival

41. Article on SYC’s performance at the opening of the Esplanade (2002)

42. Concert artwork by our designers, Emily and Gavin (at thevoiddeck.com.sg)

43. SYC with Eric Ericsson (1984)

44. SYC on the road – Photos from past tours

45. SYC collar pins, past and present

46. List of SYC members (1977) 

47. Performance as back-up chorus for the Rolling Stones (2014)

48. Article on SYC’s homecoming after its first overseas trip (1972)

49. Inaugural THREE concert (2006)

50. A tribute to members, past and present