TWO Decades in the SYC

2012 marks my 20th years singing with the SYC ES.
If my memory is correct, my 1st rehearsal was 7 Mar 1992.

In this (long) 20 years, I have sung in almost every performances (except for the time when I was posted to Brazil for 3.5 months) and joined in every Choir tour.

Many people have asked “why you are still singing with the Choir??”
It’s a question that till this date, I still do not have an answer or there are too many answers…
The journey of making good music is not always fun. There’s also the agony, frustration and confusion along the way.
So what keeps me going?
the love of singing?
the sense of pride, accomplishment and achievement when the audiences show appreciation?
the opportunities to work and sing with various Conductors, Composers and Musicians both locally and overseas?
the joy of sending “hope, joy and love” with our voices?
the eye-opening, great culture experiences, sharing and exchanges on each tour?
the choir-mates whom I have developed great friendship with?
Or maybe it was just FATED?

No matter what the answer is, I am still here in this Choir and perhaps THE ONE that I would end my Choir life.

I have learned and gained a lot for the uncountable thousands of hours I have spent in the past 20 years.

I cherish and is grateful to all around me whom have been helping and giving me reasons to stay on with this Choir till this date.

Like most people, I may not remember every single rehearsals, performances, tours and people whom I have met.
But I will never forget that I was part of this remarkable Choir and perhaps in some small little ways, I have contributed (I hope!) in making some history with it.

~ Peiling ~


How many SYC uniforms do you own?

My 1st SYC Uniform

The Girls’ no. 1 uniform that was inspired by the “sarung kebaya” was introduced in 1996

The no. 2 uniform from 1996 to 2003

The no. 2 uniform since 2004

The “Matrix” uniform that everyone loves

I ❤ coffee

‘ok, I think we have a break now, let’s take 15min, come back again xxpm’

Then you see ppl dash out, for toilet (you need high intake of H2O), for food (you got to use all muscles to work together), for coffee/coke/tea etc (you need high level of concentration and need to survive for the next 2 hour or various reason.

I, have fully convert to coffee addict, after 9 years training in choir. If you 不以为然, wait ah! 9 years later we shall see Hahahaahahahaha!

– left handed (Shen Een)








Remnants of a Mostly Margutti concert


As the stage lights dimmed and we made our way off stage, the sense of joy continue to surge in me, despite the slight tiredness in my body. All of us were riding on a post-concert high, smiling and laughing with one another as we gathered post-concert to have our pictures taken. We were happy, we were grateful, we were inspired.

As we made our way out of the stage door to give thanks to friends and loved ones for coming, the sense of joy continue to surge in me. I hoped that they enjoyed the concert as much as we enjoyed performing this magnificent music. Hearing nice and warm comments about the concert was a bonus to cap off a fantastic evening of singing the powerful music of Margutti, Pamintuan, Bettinelli, Camoletto, Molfino and Palestrina.

As we take our leave from SOTA to celebrate, the sense of joy continue to surge in me. The songs we performed that evening continue to ring in our minds, looping constantly, compelling us to sing them all out. We shared more laughs, songs and some food as we celebrated the wonderful evening that we have spent with each other, singing together.


As the night came a close and we made our way home, the sense of joy continue to surge in me. I can’t stop feeling happy, not only about the performance and music, but also about the relationships strengthened between me and my fellow SYC singers an the new relationships created with the singers from the atelier choir. Snippets of De Profundis, Prière, Chant, and Aurora swirl in my head throughout the journey back home, and continued to do so even as I went to bed. These are the remnants of a Mostly Margutti concert.

– Delin

We Got Rhythm (maybe)!


SYC Ensemble Singers performed at St Andrew’s Secondary School on 5 March as part of our 2012 Arts Education Programme.

Using illustrative choral music, the 45 minute programme provided the boys with a glimpse of the origins of music from the Americas (via the Atlantic slave trade).

Fiery Argentine tangos, sentimental Brazilian ballads, and soaring African American spirituals (the mother of rock, gospel, blues and jazz): they all share the heartbeat of Africa.  Here we demonstrate the thumpity thumps (1-2-3  1-2-3  1-2, 1-2-3  1-2-3  1-2, altogether now!):


We also demonstrated the “Phonies” (homophony and polyphony):


Last but not least, the Saints Choir came on board to performing a rousing male voice arrangement of the Battle of Jericho:

Want to find out more, or want us to sing for you? Contact us today!

Mastering Margutti’s Music


Mastering Margutti’s music is what we are doing while we are revving towards our March concert. Excited to sing under the man behind the name on the scores we sing! If you haven’t gotten your tickets, what are you waiting for? 🙂 Come watch us on 17th March 2012, Saturday, 7.30pm at the SOTA Concert Hall. Tickets are available via SISTIC and your friendly SYC friends!

– Delin

What a difference a year makes

What a year 2011 has been.

It started with THREE

Although I missed the second installment in Japan, it was good to come full circle (or maybe triangle in this case) with the third THREE concert in Manila, reuniting with friends from the Ateneo Chamber Singers and Gaia Philharmonic Choir. And also friends from the UST Singers who came to support.

Full of Love, full of Hope, full of Joy! Together for a better world, there was much to celebrate about. But maybe we under-estimated the power of our rain chant..

Then there was Super Duper Steve D

Who could have asked for more. Soul + Jazz + Classical + Tropical/Caribbean/Oohgachaka all in one. It was such fun working with Steve Dobrogosz, getting to speak with him on his musical ideas behind the pieces and singing his newly written Singapore Songs. It was also great sharing the stage again with local musicians Tamagoh and Tony Makarome.

Singers of the World, Unite!

As if we heeded a cry to gather, we then headed for Sopot, Poland to take part in the 7th International Choir Festival – Mundus Cantat Sopot 2011. Traveling halfway around the world in slightly over 24 hours, we forged new friendships with fellow choristers from Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Turkey. One of the highlights of the festival was the march down Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street. I still vividly recall us waving our flags proudly. “This is my country, this is my flag…this is my family, these are my friends. We are Singapore, Singaporeans!” loudly we proclaimed. Feelings of pride and patriotism coupled with excitement and open-hearts filled the air as we embraced each others’ cultures while sharing our own. As we sang our much-loved local pop-song – Bunga Sayang, it felt like we had transported our new found friends to our village by the sea (we even had special effects from the cool sea breeze).

Singing Ko Matsushita’s Cantate Domino with the other choirs at Sopot Pier brought a different meaning to caring and sharing. I’m happy that we could also do our part as instruments of peace to help our friends in Japan. After all, what would a voice be if there were no heart?

Japan came to us – Astrordinary

With a blast (literally), we were brought into a different universe by Ko and our fellow friends from Gaia as he came to conduct us at yoKOso! As we flew across time and space continents, we visited music from the different periods, genre and languages. Parlez-vous français?

I love early music as much as I love contemporary works. Thank you for the chance to sing one of my favourite pieces – Victoria’s O Magnum Mysterium.

And also for the chance to experience onsen-dipping, snowy mountains and fishing villages.

In exchange, some of us went over..


Amid the packed schedule, we took time to roll-crawl-hop-skip-run all in the name of bonding and fun. I really enjoyed our brief taste of touch rugby and water-bombing. Let’s do it again!


On a separate note, congratulations again to 2011 Cultural Medallion recipient, Dr. Kelly Tang. Thank you for sharing your music and vision with us!

Of black on black & more patriotism

Talking about realm, rehearsing the Rothko Chapel can sometimes send one pondering much, reflecting on shades of black on black..Ohm.

And then there was the performance day itself. That day will definitely be one of the most memorable days of 2011 for me. So you see, some of us hold what one might call a ‘day job’ that sometimes being called a ‘day’ job is a misnomer.  We were supposed to report at the Esplanade at 630pm. 545pm, an urgent issue at work cropped up. 620pm, the scenic sprint across Esplanade Drive/Bridge from One Raffles Quay began. 635pm, arrive at Esplanade fully warmed up. 730pm, performance. It was a good performance. 8pm, done with Rothko Chapel and off to the Singapore Conference Hall for our rehearsal with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. We were rehearsing for a performance for Poh & Co’s anniversary which featured one of Mr. Poh’s own composition “愛” – love your country like how you would love your family. 10pm, done with rehearsal and back to work. So who said bankers have no life?!

No more ‘do-the-shoulder’ bogey for me for a while though..

Kodaly & Caroling

What better way to end the year by lending our voices to the Kodaly Seminar as we played demo choir for the participants, as well as carol with the St Andrew’s Secondary School choir.

Looking back at 2011, I must say that it has been a very eventful year. All these against the backdrop of losing our home at 54 Waterloo Street. But evidently it can only get more exciting from here. Have road, will travel. Thank you SYCES for a fantastic 2011. Thanks for the music, the friendships and for keeping me sane. Until 2012, wishing all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!