The title looks harmless enough. But BEWARE: it can be detrimental, to the ears, when sung at the range of high F – C#, especially in the kulning style.!

I am sure everyone in SYC knows what’s kulning by now, since we’ve done it at last Saturday’s and tonight’s rehearsals. Especially after tonight’s rehearsal, we now know who are the herding girls in disguise huh. LOL.

Anyway, for the unaware, and according to Wikipedia, ‘kulning’, or herding calls, is a ‘domestic Scandinavian music form, often used to call livestock down from high mountain pastures where they have been grazing during the day’.

It has a high pitch quality, produced using headtones, and often only sung by women. Apparently, different families would pass down their unique kulnings so that their family’s cows would recognize it and respond to it (by using their bells, duh.)

And, interestingly, I found a sound clip of ‘kulning’ on wikipedia as well. It sounds very ‘pretty’ to me, but the unmistakable quality of ‘herding call’ can still be heard very clearly; the bright, piercing sound of calling out to your cows and goats to come home. We need to sound like that!! Like we are calling the cows and goats of SYC to come back to the choral studio.

Take a listen here and keep your speaker volume down, just in case. =)